• Durable

  • Economical

  • Low Maintenance

  • Mechanical Erection with Minimal Labour

  • Electric Fence Monitoring with Smart Phone or Computer

  • Highly Visible

  • Australian Made System 

Feral Fencing - Completed Fence

So... you have come to our website..........  


Why? Because......

a) you need a fence, or

b) you build fences.  

We need to talk to you either way.  


We need contractors because, as this system

gains acceptance there are fences needing to

be built everywhere.


If you need a fence, we need to facilitate either the complete fence, or the materials and equipment to make that happen. 



The Dingo Fencing System will change your life. Checkout our site and give us a call. No obligations. 


Electric fencing has already changed farming practice across the world but because it was easy to contain well educated small farm stock, users tended to build simple/cheap electric fences.  No-one considered it for large scale remote fences because the feral animals destroyed them.


Along comes the DINGO FENCING SYSTEM.    A serious fence that will keep your sheep and cattle where you put them and, when you add electricity, it will control feral animals and rogue stock with VERY LITTLE MAINTENANCE.


If the electricity keeps the ferals and rogues away from the fence, you only have Mother Nature to destroy fences.  Sorry, no-one wins that battle.


The old fencing methods are failing.  Despite better technology to erect, putting up fence is still mostly hard yakka in arduous conditions.  Couple that to inadequate quality of the components and everyone is questioning current systems.



Very little to do with the wild dogs.  All to do with the DINGO MINI DIGGER and the people who invented most things DINGO. Bush Aussies who make tough equipment.

Feral Fencing-The Maxi Trailer
Feral Fencing - The Mini Machine
Feral Fencing - Completed Fence
Feral Fencing - 9 Wires
Feral Fencing - Orange Dropper
Feral Fencing - Aluminium Post
Feral Fencing - Solar Energiser
Feral Fencing - Twistie Insulator
Feral Fencing - Stackable Posts
Why choose The Dingo Fencing Machine?
  • not only is it a better fence, but it is also the most cost effective and efficient way to fence

  • Feral Fencing has revolutionised rural fencing.  It doesn't just keep your animals in, it keeps the ferals out as well.

  • The wire alone will keep in cattle, sheep and horses.  The electric shock sorts out everything else.

  • And to make it efficient to erect, we have changed the post shape and set all the materials in a way that feeds the fence out and erects it.  Like a big kitting machine.  Feed in material and out comes a fence.

  • There are 2 sizes of Dingo Fencing Machine: The Maxi Trailer and The Mini.

  • So, How long is your fence?  This is the questions that will determine which machine.