As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention and Gary Briggs has proven that.  He owned a small grazing property only minutes out of Dalby, Queensland, and was in flood country near the Condamine River.

During the summer of 2010/11, Dalby experienced it’s biggest flood ever.  The existing barb and netting fences caught everything that flowed downstream and they finally ended up, in a tangled mess, somewhere down the Condamine, never to be retrieved.  The plain wire fences, however, remained standing and free of debris.

Faced with the prospect of totally refencing the majority of his property, Gary declared that he was “too old to go fencing again” having been a fencing contractor many years ago.  It was also obvious that netting or barb was not a viable option.

Virtually all fencing is done by first putting the posts in the ground.  Either digging holes or driving them with large hammers. These posts either need to have holes in them prior, or holes need to be drilled after the posts are secured in the ground.  Then the wire must be strung out the entire section of fence being erected.  Usually by hand.  At best pulled by a tractor, several strands at a time.  Then the slow process of tying the wire to each post, after first straining them.   All this requires more time and labour than is available in modern times.  It is too hard to find people prepared to work all day in the hot sun.  

So the guys who invented the Dingo Mini Digger with most of the attachments and the Six-Wheeler vehicles (but who are really just farmers with good toys and a factory) decided to build a fencing machine! 

The Dingo Fencing Machines are a combination of several of the Briggs Family's innovative products and is a unique combination of several concepts and labour saving ideas, all combined together to make a package that allows 2 or 3 men to achieve in a day, what would traditionally take a dozen men.  And hardly raise a sweat to do it.


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Feral Fencing Pty Ltd t/a DingoFencing.com.au

Address:  9 Owen Street East

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Website: www.feralfencing.com.au

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Dingo Fencing System

Address: 9 Owen Street East

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Website:  www.dingofencingsystem.com.au (redirected to www.feralfencing.com.au)


Dingo Mini Digger Australia Pty Ltd

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