To build a strong and durable fence, a builder must start with the posts.  The Feral Fencing System uses specially designed aluminium posts. Posts are created through an extrusion process.  No welds or joins!  One solid piece.  The unique shape allows the posts to be stacked in manner similar to a magazine.  When the posts are stacked two droppers are placed in between and the wires fed through.  "The Fence in a Box" is then placed in the Feral Fencing Machine and driven in to the ground.

All posts - Standard Running Posts and Strainer Posts are extruded from high grade virgin aluminium.  It won’t rust or rot or burn.


Aluminium is actually tougher than steel and will last for 100 years or more.  It is very suitable in all soil types.

Your freight bill is much reduced and so is the logistics in the paddock.  


Aluminium Posts are simply better than steel so, for that reason, you can use less posts per kilometer. 


Therefore, the per kilometer price for posts is often less than other types of post.  Especially after the freight and installation costs are added in.