The Dingo Mini Fencing Machine known as “The Mini”.

It’s exactly what it says.  A smaller Fencing Machine that builds the same type of fence.  Designed for smaller properties that need smaller fences.  The fence is the same.  Our Dingo Fencing System is a world first product, but not everyone needs multiples of 10 kilometres of fence.  So we built a Mini Machine, which is carried by an Ozzy Dingo Mini Digger, to build those fences.

It’s actually the biggest attachment that we make for a Dingo.  The Dingo simply carries it along the fence-line and plants the fence where it needs to be.  The main difference being the length of each strain.  The Mini uses shorter, 500m rolls of wire.  This is a 2 man machine that is still capable of 2kms a day.  The blokes work a bit harder and achieve a bit less, than they can do with “The Maxi Trailer” but they still do it faster and better than fencing the old way.  

Don’t forget, the materials per kilometre of fence are usually less than any other style of fence.  And the installation costs a fraction.   Mechanism sure beats fencing the old way.  Whilst “The Maxi Trailer” will suit contractors with big long fences, “The Mini” will suit DIY and contractors in the closer settled areas.