The Dingo Maxi Trailer Fencing Machine known as “The Maxi Trailer”.  A patented fencing system.

“The Maxi Trailer” is ideally suited for large properties and is capable of completing 2km strains at a time. This machine requires a ute to tow it which is also used to carry extra materials.

It is basically a trailer carrying nine reels of precision wound wire which is threaded through posts that are stacked in a magazine with two droppers between each post.  As the trailer moves along the GPS marked line, it stops and a hydraulic ram drives each post into the ground then drives away leaving a fence behind it.

The trailer itself needs to be a special construction that has a slot up the centre to allow the posts and wire to get low before they leave the trailer.  We set the slot up right behind the driver to allow better sighting the line.

The heart of “The Maxi Trailer” is an Ozzy Dingo Mini Digger.  An alternative powerpack could feasibly be used but, having a Dingo on board is the most efficient powerpack anyway.  Its hydraulics will run the hydraulic circuits needed for “The Maxi Trailer” at a very low cost, all day and is also available to do any creek crossings and other bits of traditional fencing that is needed because of terrain.  It can also trench the electric cable under gates if required and be a forklift when it comes to loading and unloading wire and posts.

The key to the system is the unique posts that we designed to replace all the other post types available to the fence world.  A totally new shape and design of post.  We needed a post that was light weight and shaped for strength, but at the same time was shaped in a way that the posts can be stacked in a straight line.  We found only one material that meets these requirements.  Aluminium.  Australian made high tensile, extruded and shaped in our unique design.  Steel simply doesn’t meet the specs.

It needed to have all the wires threaded through them while the posts were stacked in a magazine that will dispense the posts, one by one.  And we needed posts that can be insulated so we could use electric fencing. 

Between each pair of posts are 2 special orange coloured droppers.  Orange for visibility on the fence line and made of plastic to insulate for electricity and drilled to keep the wires from tangling.

Behind the posts and droppers in the magazine is a hydraulic hammer mounted on a long cylinder to drive the posts into the ground.  So a post with droppers and the wire already threaded through, is hammered into the ground in the correct position, and never needs to be touched again.  

“The Maxi Trailer” advances across the paddock, stopping and starting, driving posts and leaving an erected fence behind it.  At the end of the strain, it drives larger posts to create a strainer assembly.  The wire is tied off and then a new strain is ready to start again.