What gives the Feral Fence a kick?  It's the Australian made, Off Grid, 5000volt to 8000volt Energiser!


This energiser is first in its class.  The Solar Panels are the same panels used on houses and sheds, meaning they produce electricity on the cloudiest of days. 


Will the Feral Fence work at night?  Of course it will.  Feral animals don't sleep at night, and neither will our energiser.  No maintenance as deep cycle batteries are used in our systems. 


What happens if an energiser goes down?  We have the technology!  If you have multiple energisers, we can offer a system that reports back to you via Text Message.  No need for time consuming daily checks.

Our energisers are world best.  Our supplier is Number 1 in the world for security fencing ie: they secure property from that most wiley feral – criminals.  Our monitoring systems are the best.

We do not supply light duty solar systems.  Our solar will keep charging as long as there is some light.  A quality charged battery should last a week of darkness.

Modern testing systems will lead someone straight to any fault.  Faults in well thought out electric systems are rare.  Most faults in electric fence systems come from people trying to electrify old fences, with lots of potential for wires to tangle.

If you build a new fence with all plain wire, there is very little opportunity to get a tangle.  After all, the fence is protecting itself.